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  • FiiO Electronics
  • MYTEK Digital
  • aurender
  • Bricasti Design
  • Kordz
  • ePro Horn-Shaped Tips
  • Benchmark Media

Comment from
president of FiiO

Since the official cooperation between FiiO and Emilai in 2018, FiiO’s brand awareness and influence and sales in the Japanese market have increased tremendously.

We are very pleased to have such a professional, efficient and competent sales team in Japan. Not only do they have many years of experience in HiFi audio marketing and sales, but more importantly, they share almost the exact same corporate culture as FiiO. FiiO and Emilai are not only a business partnership in terms of licensee and distributor, but also a family.

Since the cooperation with Emilal, they have not only helped FiiO to develop more sales channels, but also improved the brand image and product display at the sales terminal. Moreover, they have actively participated in various HiFi audio exhibitions and carried out very extensive and positive interactions with Japanese HiFi manias on Twitter and other internet platforms.

In addition, Emilai has actively investigated the Japanese market and users’ needs, and not only acted as an agent to sell FiiO’s products, but also provided lots of valuable opinions for FiiO’s new product development.

Furthermore, they also joined hands with some famous offline retailers in Japan, such as e-earphone, to customize products for the Japanese market that are more in line with the preferences of Japanese customers.

Certainly, as an important job of the distributor, they also fully demonstrate their professional, positive and responsible attitude to provide Japanese consumers with good after-sales service, which makes users trust and support FiiO more than ever.

Looking ahead, FiiO will continue to provide more products with excellent sound quality, outstanding experience, outstanding cost performance and fashionable design in a stable and orderly manner, while Emilai is growing and expanding to better support and serve Japanese customers. We believe the two companies will become long-term stable business partners and family and thrive together!

Company Profile

Company Name
emilai Inc.
Kenzo Kono
Description of business
Import and sell audiovisual products
2-3-2 DAIBA FRONTIER BUILDING 4F Daiba, Minato-ku,Tokyo